Cheap prices Sliding doors

Cheap prices Sliding doors

The sliding doors allow you to manage the space in freedom, with minimal space and with maximum practicality. Refined and elegant, exterior or exterior walls, they are the ideal solution for completing plasterboard dividers or insulating modest rooms, where a swing door would occupy too much space. The world of sliding doors is actually a whole universe. Also, and above all, when it comes to cost. Sliding doors prices are found for each portfolio.

Not only that, the cost and benefit balance will always be in their favor as they can solve all the problems associated with placing a door in an extremely simple way. The basic price for a door of this type, now included in almost all the catalogs of the largest low-cost furniture brands, is around 2/300 euros. A good price considering that the list of the most expensive brands starts from a thousand euros up. Certainly, making the difference in cost is not the practicality of the object itself, but rather the material used and the finishing of the object itself. To make more or less salty the account is then the size of the doors, the design of the designer and the fastening system, more or less studied. And if the choice increases in proportion to the budget available, even for the low cost sector, the proposals are not lacking.

Sliding door prices Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin presents a catalog with sliding doors really affordable prices. There are two models in the list, exterior wall sliding doors and sliding inner wall doors, featured in a variety of solutions, at different price ranges, able to satisfy every need and taste. The first type, which in the basic version is also the cheapest of the list, with its card set at 89,80 Euros, does not require any kind of wall work. In MDF material, in two different standard widths, 70 and 80 cm for a 120 cm fixed offset, is supplied with the handle included in the price. Adding a few hundred euros you can opt for temperate, satin, transparent or decorative patterns.

Prices, in this case, range from € 260 to € 575 which represent the top of the range. In the picture, the contemporary Miami wall model is contemporary. The door leaf in black tempered and tempered glass has a transparent striped pattern that allows light to filter discreetly, while keeping the privacy of the two environments. As for the interior sliding doors to the wall, the pricing gap ranges between 129.90 euros for the cheapest and crude models in Mdf, to be painted and coated according to their own taste, and 550 euros. For all models of the latter series, you need to add the cost of a counterframe, between 105 and 130 euros.

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