Coffee tables, advice and solutions

Contemporary living room tables

The modern style is characterized by a special attention to functionality even at the expense of aesthetics.
Even the modern living room tables must firstly be practical, although there are also solutions that perfectly combine the different aspects, satisfying both the needs and the taste. Modern models usually have a minimalistic design, but at the same time they are very elegant.

In addition to classic and simple tables, there are multifunctional solutions, ie drawers with drawers and compartments. In this way you can not only place objects on the table surface but also arrange them in the various spaces. Some models also have a magazine compartment to always have something to read when you may have sat comfortably on the couch.

Coffee table for living room

The living room tables can be arranged in every corner of this room.
One solution is to set up a corner dedicated to relaxation inside the living room.
In this area there is usually a sofa, one or more armchairs, arranged most often in front of the television.
Between this and the sofa, or next to the latter, you can arrange the coffee table that can then be fully utilized when you are comfortably seated.
Just when you are on the couch for some moments of deserved relaxation, you can watch television, read a book or just drink a coffee. In all of these cases, the coffee table becomes a valid ally as it offers a functional surface where all the items you use are supported, from the TV remote control to drinks glasses.

Sofa tables

The living room tables should be fully matched to what is the general decor of the house and in particular of this room. So when choosing a coffee table you can not ignore the style and design of your living room. The style of furniture affects the shape of the table and the material with which it is made.

In addition, this item of furniture should also be appropriate to those that are the size of the room. You have to choose a table that is not too small, otherwise it would be impossible to rest on any object, but at the same time it is not too big to create bulk. With regard to height, however, these tables are often very low: this way you can sit on any object while sitting comfortably on the couch or on the armchairs.

Contemporary lounge tables

Contemporary and non-living room tables can be of various sizes and shapes.
From this point of view, modern furnishings are provided with a variety of shapes, better if geometric or linear.
You can opt for a square or rectangular table or even for a round table. The shape also depends on the type of living room and the space available. If the living area is not large, then it is best to choose a round table or oval shape.

The absence of edges allows the passage around the table so as to fully exploit the least space. The round table can be arranged in the middle of the living room or even near sofas and armchairs. To have more space available, but without creating a footprint, you can have overlapping tables that have multiple planes to use.

Coffee tables, tips and solutions: Ikea coffee tables

For those who want to complete the furnishing of their own living area by inserting a coffee table that can be functional but also aesthetically pleasing to the market, it can find many different types with prices varying from a few tens of euros to basic models up to much higher figures for products of design. A good alternative, if the budget is quite small, but you do not want to buy an anonymous coffee table, is to turn to the wide range of products offered by Ikea, a world-renowned Swedish company for the production and sale of quality fine furniture at reduced prices . In the vast catalog, which can be viewed online, you can find simple models with very small figures, such as the Lack table, which in the red variant costs less than 10 euros; a minimal product that performs well in its function and adapts to the young and modern style. For those looking for something more particular, the choice is vast, and there are also glass tables, such as the Vittsjo model, with round black metal frame, for sale at 44.99 euros. Another noteworthy table is Stockholm, in the oval variant, which will give class and sophistication to the environment with its plan made of walnut veneer and legs in solid walnut; is sold at 229.00 euros.

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