Meat cutlery for the table

The Luxury Art, unique cutlery

A new Mepra cutlery division, called The Luxury Art, is created, with which the company is geared to a particular audience. Mepra cutlery begins a new path by offering a set of absolutely unique cutlery.
The designers of the Mepra studio have resumed, studied, developed and adapted designs, fabrics and images that we usually see in the world of fashion, clothing, leather and home textiles.

Table and kitchen

In this new Mepra collection we see them transformed into tableware and kitchenware. The objects of the new collection The Luxury Art by Mepra cutlery revive on our table the magic and the exclusivity of Italian elegance.

Meat cutlery

The story of Mepra has remote origins. In 1901 Francesco and Giovanbattista Bortolo founded the first family business, the Prandelli, and decided to place the site near the Gobbia River in order to exploit the kinetic energy of water to drive the machinery. The company was involved in metal processing and also produced bullets for the Italian army, think a bit. With the end of the war, the plant was for obvious reasons rebuilt and the 3 sons of Giovanbattista, Pietro, Felice and Giacomo created precisely the Meepra, acronym Metallurgica Prandelli. Thus, the production of aluminum and brass cutlery was started. In 1950, steelware was made and it was a great success. In the following years, the range of products was expanded by introducing pottery, pots, coffee makers and first silver-plated products. In the 1980s gold decorations or colored enamels were added, then worked on steel and other materials such as plastic, glass, wood and ceramics: the nylon “Fantasia ‘900” concealed in the years Ninety, it translated into over 7 million pieces sold all over the world. In 1992 Spazio Mepra was born, a brand through which qualified design products are handled. A journey, therefore, dotted with ideas and goals. As far as the detail is concerned, today’s company’s main objective is more and more coincident with the opening of concept stores where all products intended to furnish home, kitchen and table are proposed.

Mepra’s cutlery collections are the result of the taste for design, the pursuit of the highest quality and functionality, and the value of tradition and Italian cuisine. Mepra cutlery are found in the finest hotels, but also in the most popular wedding boutiques and in the best home and furnishings stores. The products are designed to meet both the needs of the most important hotel chains, family-related and new ways of living. The company pays high attention to intrinsic quality (thickness and cleanliness), functional (attention to use) and aesthetics of all production. The highest quality is also guaranteed by process, product and project certification. Another strength is the ability to intercept and anticipate trends, translating them into immediately recognizable collections: at least a new one per year, alongside innovations with existing ones. The continuous launch of products has led the Mepra catalog to be made up of over 8,000 references, for every taste and lifestyle. Mepra has also developed a network of collaborations with some of the most famous Italian designers (including Angelo Mangiarotti) and young talented designers.

Meat cutlery for table: Mepra catalog

For making its cutlery and other catalog products, Mepra always uses the best 18/10 steels and takes great care in the cleaning process. 100% of the production is subjected to meticulous checks before being deposited in the warehouse. With more than 100 agents and distributors, the company is present in the major countries on 5 continents. Everywhere, even in the farthest places, the charm and the value of Made in Italy are set: a priority which will never be less. The Mepra catalog is rich as varied, also available on the official website of the company. Includes cutlery, kitchenware, accessories and kitchen utensils, accessories and accessories for bars and breakfast, gift ideas, trolleys. Of course, cutlery are the richest part of the offer and are divided by type: there are those “everyday”, “contemporary”, “classic”, “ice”, “vintage”, colored, Pvd, chisel and “special” . For great occasions. Purchases can be made at authorized resellers but also via the company’s official website (available at Once you have reached the home page, click the “Shop” item in the top bar, then the category you are interested in: “Serve”, for example. You will see different sub-categories appearing according to the proposal, once again make your choice. Let’s try it with “subwoofer”: just click on it and see all the Mepra subwoofers you sell, with photos and prices. The Michelangelo plate costs 63 euros, if you like this point you just have to add in the car and then proceed with the payment, which can be made by bank transfer in advance, credit card or Paypal.

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