Home Sauna, typologies and models

How to Create a Small Spa with a Home Sauna

A home sauna can be chosen from a variety of models, ranging from small to large and well-equipped ones: the choice must be made according to the space available and the location of the room. Saunas can be of two types: Finnish, where water vapor or infrared is created, with significant differences: let’s find them together.

Sauna from home, typologies and models: Differences between Finnish and infrared sauna

There are many differences between the Finnish and the infrared sauna: this is how to orient yourself for choice.
The Finnish sauna allows you to reach very high temperatures, from 40 ° to 110 ° C while the infrared ones range in a range ranging from 30 ° to 50 ° C.
The infrared sauna warms up in just under 15 minutes, allowing for a warm bath of over 40: the Finnish sauna instead warms up gradually and requires several cycles of stay with intermittent pauses, no more than three at rest time ranges from 8 to 20 minutes maximum.
The two types of sauna heat different air and body: the infrared sauna irradiates the body for 80% of the energy, heating the air for the remaining 20%, while the Finnish sauna heats the stove 100% of air, which in turn heats the surface of the body.

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