Chromotherapy shower: benefits for body and mind

Effects of chromotherapy

Chromotherapy is a therapeutic technique of holistic or natural medicine and has ancient origins: the Egyptians already added colored pigments to their powders to make them more effective. Considering the various energy points of the human body, it has been found that targeted stimulation prevents and cures various psychosomatic pathologies, helps relieve stress and anxiety, and dissolve unexpressed negative feelings such as anger and sadness. Such stimulation takes place naturally through the colors. Not everyone believes it, of course.

Just as you do not have to think that chromotherapy can heal illness of some gravity; however, those who have experienced this experience ensure that the benefits are real and many disorders are actually alleviated. There are different ways to undergo chromotherapy and various instruments: the most common is associated with water. And if up to some time ago certain treatments were possible only in spa and spa centers, they are now also experienced in the home. Chromotherapy shower: this is the most appreciated and popular formula in Italy. Numerous companies offer ad hoc shower cabs and top of the list there is no doubt Jacuzzi: in the picture we show you Cloud 140, a real daily spa with customizable wellness paths, targeted water jets and two sequences programmed intense or delicate, accompanied by colorful soft lights. Not just chromotherapy but also aromatherapy. Available in sizes 100×80 cm, 120×80 cm and 140×90 cm.

Chromotherapy shower

The goal of chromotherapy is to bring the chakra, or the seven main energy centers – according to the oriental traditions – to the right balance, on which the individual’s physical and mental health is based. And this is achieved thanks to the stimulating and soothing qualities of the color spectrum range. Chromotherapy, shower and color: here is the “magic” formula. For example, red is useful against low blood pressure, increases respiratory rate, stimulates liver function, promotes wound healing and relieves muscles; yellow relieves the disorders of the digestive system, cleanses the blood and transmits a sense of positivity; Green infuses instead calmness and tranquility, cramps and disturbs the gastrointestinal tract, carries out an antibacterial and disinfectant function. Only theory? To go to practice there’s nothing to do … the shower. In the picture, a multifunctional Hafro Time line cabin: complete wellness equipment, maximum comfort, scenic lighting built with a series of spotlights distributed on the roof. Among other features, the digital display, the shelf carries two levels of objects and the rounded seat in transparent acrylic. Chromotherapy in your home is a real pleasure … Even for the eyes.

Chromotherapy shower head

The bathroom, today more than ever, is the home environment for the physical and mental wellbeing. And it often turns into a mini-spa. After all, you do not need much, just design the right way by carefully choosing the shower tray or bathtub, the hydraulic accessories, the shower cabins equipped with a bath and sauna. And then there is the chromotherapy shower. It has a magical moment and can be realized either with an ad hoc shower cabin – precisely – either through the wall or recessed shower head. Inside, a series of LED lights are installed that change intensity and color, delivering a feeling of relaxation and also succeeding in thrilling emotionally. It’s a real experience to experience: water flows and looks colorful, chrome drops caress the skin and the shower moves into a priceless ritual. Definitely, this also means doing well. Dream 2 Sprays – Rgb Cromotherapy is one of the shower heads proposed by Bossini: two jets – rain and waterfall – with low voltage Led Rgb lights, low voltage transformer, chromotherapy control keyboard and water supply hose. Countertop installation. Dimensions: 570 x 470 mm.

Chromotherapy shower: body and mind benefits: Chromotherapy shower box

There are those who prefer to make it to the beginning of the day, who in the end: in any case, the shower is one of the most enjoyable moments for any individual. Depending on the moment, it gives a spurt of energy or dissolves tension and relaxes the nerves. And this beneficial action is undoubtedly amplified by the chromotherapy shower: just enter the box, take a few gestures and then let go. There are usually several programs to choose from according to the needs of the moment. The toning system, for example, uses warm colors such as yellow and red. The relaxing system is based on blue and green, the energizing on red and yellow followed by green and white. Almost never has the system that allows you to use all the colors of the rainbow and also its nuances. In the Megius Welldream picture, multifunctional shower cabinet available in multiple versions adapted to home areas; can be installed on a wall or corner. In addition to chromotherapy it offers back hydrotherapy, turkish bath, water knife waterfall, nebulizers and radio / usb.

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