Ikea bookshelve, multifunctional furniture

Ikea Expedit Bookshelves

Linearity, geometry and modularity, these features of the Swedish company’s Expedit battlefield, which has decided to renew this modular series to make it more practical, functional and customizable, delivering the Kallax series.
The historical model of the Swedish colossus consists of square shelves measuring 33×33 cm and is available in various sizes, lacquered or matte, in white, black and birch shades.
The success of Expedit is due to the great customization opportunities that, of course, have been further expanded by the Kallax series.
Empty cubes, much loved by vinyl enthusiasts, as they perfectly fit the disks, can be added to the front doors, drawers, baskets and plastic or fabric containers. This gives you the ability to play contrasting shades and lively color spots. The Kallax model, as it already did for Expedit, also offers the option of inserting a desk top that makes it perfect not only for the living room, but also for studios and kitchens.

There is no house that does not possess one, and for more than thirty years the indisputable protagonist of the living room, but also the smallest bedrooms, studios and all those spaces to be exploited in a functional way without sacrificing the design.

Thanks to its essential lines it fits and matches every style, from the most classic to the more modern.
Billy is quite easy to assemble, as all the furniture of the company is sold with attached mounting instructions and is not very deep, making it particularly suitable for arranging books and spaces not too wide.

Shelves can be combined in many different ways, depending on the tastes and available spaces, and if your library grows over time, nothing scary: you just need to add new items and your favorite reads will find their place. Billy comes in a variety of colors, including the classic white, black and birch, to get the latest novelties that include the yellow finish of the shelves and the bottom, as opposed to the white of the outer structure.

Billy, the best known and appreciated bookshelve, is available in different colors, finishes and sizes, and its interior shelves are adjustable according to individual needs. The available base colors are white, black-brown and birch-colored, but Billy is customizable in many ways: closing, for example, some compartments with transparent glass doors or with locked doors of the same color or contrast.

It is also possible to insert a low-lying mobile TV from one rack to the other, transforming Billy into a living wall; or create nice angular compositions or play with the heights of the shelves. Three shelves of three different heights can, for example, be encased in a sub-scale, making functional an otherwise unusable space.
The large ductility of the Swedish company’s modules makes it possible to customize and adapt to the different needs of modern homes.

Ikea Besta Library

Besta is a modular system designed to furnish living, with furniture, drawers, shelves, display cases and drawer units to be fitted to suit any need.

The success of the Besta Bookshelve depends on the extreme versatility of this system, which combines perfectly with other company series, such as the Inreda, which adds accessories and light points, and the Uppleva audio-visual system. Everything can be planned independently using a simple online planner. Another point in favor of the Besta series is the focus on eco-sustainability.

The Besta furniture is made of BoS (Board on Styles) material, which minimizes the use of environmental resources while ensuring the durability and durability of the products. Thanks to continued research and innovation, brand furniture fits in with new buyers’ needs, offering functional and cutting-edge solutions for modern homes.

Ikea bookshelves

In the stores or on the website of the Swedish company you can see what the Ikea bookshelves are proposing.
Modules of various sizes are available that can be adapted to the needs of the various rooms; you can compose your Ikea library Bookshelves by merging multiple modules of the same set, or combining different collections of furniture to maximize your style.
All the bookstores, as well as the rest of the group’s furniture, are offered with different finishes and colors to ensure that they are adaptable to both modern and classical styles.
The brand libraries are also recognized for their affordability, which makes them perfect when the budget available is not high or when you need to furnish a second home.
All the furniture of the company can be mounted autonomously, following the instructions attached to them; The package also includes the keys required for assembly.

Ikea bookshelves catalog

What I said at an hour is just one break in the world offered by Ikea. Some booksshelve models, which have been in the Swedish store catalog for almost forty years, have been able to renew and improve with more durable shelves, materials and finishing touches of the latest trend, capturing the consumer’s attention. Just to delight the taste of more or less affluent customers, Ikea offers a very large catalog of bookshelves and shelves to organize readings of its aficionados. The dimensional variety? Starting from the more compact, long-lasting solution with Gnedby, made of birch veneer, it has adjustable shelves that can be positioned by the customer according to its needs. His measurements? 20x17x202 cm. It is ideal for storing CDs and small volumes, can also find a place behind a door without any hassle. While the most spacious solution and capable of enhancing a great deal of literal volumes is Billy in its angular version.

The cheapest one? Certainly Tall, 165 cm high, 62 wide and deep only 24 cm, is made of wood, can be fixed to the wall and can be brought home less than twenty euros. But if we talk about style varieties, we go from office solutions like Billy / Morliden, a bookcase with a reduced depth to take full advantage of the space available, with customizable doors, allowing you to insert photos or fabrics between the front glass and the panel on back and adjustable hinges, which give the door the possibility of opening vertically or horizontally.

A solution for more classic environments? Hemnes, mobile with glass leaf and wood finish in brown / black. The door has slow motion and silent to avoid any breakage of the glass, the lines are more refined and elegant. They can complete the composition of boxes with lid and wicker baskets, to accommodate magazines or items that need more privacy. Urban and dynamic character, instead, characterize Stockholm, made of glass and yellow colored metal is a bookcase display cabinet, featuring legs and filiform lines for an ethereal and solar effect at the same time.

Ikea compilable bookshelves

Another characteristic characteristic of Ikea furniture is mentioned: the free choice of compositions left to the fancy of the customer. And personal composition is what you are looking for in a library. Variety of compilable libraries as diverse are literary genres. The composition is given by the integration of standard modules, assembled according to the space requirements and the quantity of books to be organized. The Swedish brand offers narrow and narrow solutions, with the basic shape and casual appearance but with adjustable height-adjustable shelves, both side and height. At the same time, it displays elegant solutions for literary atmospheres such as the Regissor furniture. Made of wood, with highlighting, which make each piece unique.

Designed with lines of timeless style, it also boasts the fact that it is made of poplar, sustainable wood par excellence. Greater elegance can be achieved by choosing LED spotlights at the top of the library, for a “museum” effect. Composition does not only occur with pieces of the same line, Ikea allows to mix and match elements of different lines, perhaps shared by the same depth or the same height, to create a dynamic motion in the wall layout. The picture proposes a dynamic composition with the Kallax model, proposed in its various heights and in a soft green coloration.

Ikea white bookshelves

if you think of an Ikea library, of course the pictures of wood and above all white, right ?! One of the best selling colors, because, of course, white goes to weddings with everything. Billy, Expedit, Besta, in white finishes, are able to set up offices as a children’s room and also modern day areas. Simple and regular lines, able to enhance the content they support. Massive and resistant, they are able to withstand the bumps of the worst. White, in addition to highlighting the titles and color of your books, with its non-silent color, gives you the ability to make the library disappear in front of a white wall too.

If instead the idea is to emphasize the presence of an Ikea bookshelve, Billy being backless, giving you the ability to paint the bottom wall on which it is anchored, of the color you want, you will find yourself back in this way, a highlighted colored background from the white vertical and horizontal geometries of the library, for a lively and young result. If your library has a bottom panel, you can, before the home assembly, cover the panel with fun and colorful fabrics, which you can find in the Ikea curtains. For a minimal and essential effect, focus on the technical and rigorous nature of the steel, with the Fjalkinge bookcase, enriched in the central part by the presence of four drawers.

Ikea bookshelve, multifunctional furniture: Ikea suspended bookshelve

If the need is to exploit more space within the living area, we can set up our own library, even above the living room sofa, we will sacrifice the place for a nice picture but will find their place, Ikea shelves per day, such as the Besta 120x64x40 cm composition, suspended, for a “bridge effect” as the photo shows. The various depths and lengths with which the various components of Ikea bookcases and shelving collections are proposed, allow us to create our own personal display of books and ornaments. I

n the libraries’ instruction manual, it is often advisable to fix the structure on a wall to give greater stability and security during use. This hassle, also allows you to detach your Ikea library from the ground and raise it for about thirty centimeters, the effect will be more light and original. A new line in the Swedish catalog is Ikea Ps 2014, 60×45 cm shelves hanging on the wall, with a bamboo surface, of the original shape, as some sides of the box are emptied. The absence of the panels is underlined by colored steel profiles, for a dynamic and safe effect. An Alternative Solution for the Lack Library? Hold it horizontally! The result will be a suspended library where the height of the library will become its length. While the panels that were horizontal were used to support the books, they become vertical separators, able to catalog your library by themes, heights of volumes, or cover colors.

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