Wooden veranda, advice on buying a wooden veranda

Wooden veranda The veranda was created as a space for the extension of the house with the aim of --

Nov 18, 2017
Exterior / Lisa

Decorating a terrace: how to do it creatively

Terrace furniture There are those who want functional, sophisticated, who “nature” effect, those who are in privacy and who --

Oct 12, 2017
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Facades of stone houses

Stone houses The stone-huse fa├žades always give enthusiasm and astonishment to the eyes of those who admire it because --

Sep 29, 2017
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Ventilated wall, improve the quality of home life

How is the ventilated wall structured? The ventilated wall is a wall made of perimeter walls of the structure --

Sep 28, 2017
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External stairs, features and tips

Exterior staircases What should be the main features of external stairs? First, stability, so great resistance to weather. This --

Sep 27, 2017
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Automatic gate

Automatic gate The convenience of an automatic gate allows you to enter and leave a home without having to --

Sep 26, 2017
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Roof windows

The importance of roof windows The window to be covered is a typology apart from the windows of the --

Sep 21, 2017
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Balcony verandas, how to choose the covers

Which door to choose for the balconies verandas Balcony verandas are locks characterized by frames in different materials, able --

Sep 21, 2017
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