Bathtub dimensions, models for all

Bathtub size Generally, the size of the rectangular bath tubs is between 140 and 170 cm, a width of ....

Nov 6, 2017
Bathroom / Lisa

Bathroom cabinets, useful, beautiful and practical

Ikea bathroom cabinets Ikea bathroom cabinets are designed in many compositions and finishes and guarantee good functionality because, while ....

Nov 4, 2017
Bathroom / Lisa

Small room furnishing for girls

The little room is the place where the girl can vent all her creativity and imagination, the place where ....

Nov 1, 2017
Furniture / Lisa

Minotti sofas, design in the foreground

Minotti sofas prices The Minotti brand offers excellent quality, Sofa prices include all the expertise, professionalism and good assurance ....

Oct 30, 2017
Living Room / Lisa

Design furniture design opportunities for home-style furnishing

Design kitchens The quality kitchens are a great Italian art form. Since the 1950s, almost all of the most ....

Oct 28, 2017
Design / Lisa

Kitchen Tables how to choose them best

Kitchen tables Squared, oval, long, short, rounded, extensible, wooden, sheet, aluminum, plastic extensions with countless color variations: kitchen tables ....

Oct 28, 2017
Kitchen / Lisa

Varenna kitchens, custom solutions

Varenna’s kitchens The Varenna kitchens collection interprets different styles through compositional solutions, materials, finishes and colors. A set of ....

Oct 27, 2017
Kitchen / Lisa

Venetian blinds Ikea

The Ikea Venetian blinds are a practical and functional solution to ensure privacy and at the same time brightness ....

Oct 26, 2017
Interior / Lisa

Aluminum wood Fixtures, features and patterns

Aluminum wood fixtures prices Wooden and aluminum fixtures are one of the types of windows that, in addition to ....

Oct 26, 2017
Window / Lisa

Aluminum windows, without limit openings

The new aluminum windows When we have to choose the material and the type of infissi that we will ....

Oct 26, 2017
Window / Lisa

Modern prefab houses

Prefabricated houses design Diffused mainly in northern Europe, such as Germany and Austria, prefabricated houses are slowly taking off ....

Oct 25, 2017
Design / Lisa

Mobile pantry in the kitchen

Pantry furniture in the kitchen Today’s kitchens are real workshops where everything must find its place. We help dispensing ....

Oct 23, 2017
Kitchen / Lisa