Car shelter, protective and beautiful to see

Car shelter Protecting the car is a true “mission” for thousands of peoples, especially when it comes to a --

Nov 18, 2017

Small gardens: how to make small green spaces

How to think and design small gardens Often the underdeveloped spaces are underestimated, but one has to know that --

Nov 18, 2017

Meat cutlery for the table

The Luxury Art, unique cutlery A new Mepra cutlery division, called The Luxury Art, is created, with which the --

Oct 16, 2017

Modern wallpaper

Modern wallpaper Modern wallpapers are a good alternative to the classic wall tile. Current trends want the paper to --

Oct 15, 2017

Armored door, how to choose it

Armored doors Every armored door must first and foremost ensure adequate protection against any intrusion. Internal or external, it --

Sep 26, 2017
Design / Lisa

Anti-stain tablecloth

Anti-stain tablecloth Stainless tablecloths have the prerogative of not having to be washed in the washing machine, with the --

Sep 20, 2017